Webasyst licenses & Cloud-hosted use

For paid Webasyst apps the following licensing rule applies: for each registered domain name where a paid app is used (e.g., DOMAIN.com) a separate license must be purchased.

When is license purchase required?

A license per registerd domain

Use of any paid app presumes license purchase (or rent), and such licenses must be purchased for all registered domain names on which that paid app is used; e.g., DOMAIN.com or DOMAIN.com.au. This is a requirement of the Webasyst Software Agreement. Use of a single license on multiple domain names is a violation of the license agreement.

Purchasing app licenses for using them in Webasyst Cloud is not required, read more about it below in this article.
No licenses for subdomains

Note that you do not need to purchase additional licenses for the subdomains of your main domain name. For example, if you have purchased a license for domain name DOMAIN.com, then you automatically obtain the right to use that app on all subdomains; e.g., test.DOMAIN.com, old.DOMAIN.com, etc.

Ensure that you have your primary license attached to the main domain name and not to one of its subdomains.
No licenses for domain aliases

Even better, a license purchased for your main domain name can also be used on any aliases of that domain. An alias is a domain name which open absolutely the same content in a browser as the main name. In Webasyst, identical website content is possible through setup of domain aliases utilizing common routing parameters as described in the article about routing setup.

Use of a paid app without a license purchase (or rent) is allowed only for the purpose of testing, demo creation, or development of add-ons, as explained further below.

Is a license required in Webasyst Cloud?

Hosted use instead of a license

In the Cloud, you can use paid apps without purchasing lisenses by simply paying a cetain monthly fee. Depending on the selected pricing plan, the fee for using a paid app may be either included in your plan price or added to the plan price. To start using a paid app in the Cloud, simply install it in your Installer and start using. The fee for hosted use will be automatically added to your monthly bill.

License in the Cloud: it's possible

Monthly fee for hosted use is not the only option available in the Cloud. Like on your own server, you can also purchase a license and link it to your Cloud account. This will remove the monthly fee for using a paid app from your monthly bill, if it was added to your plan's price rather than included in it (read below).

License in the Cloud: when should I use it?

Purchasing licenses and linking them to an account in Webasyst Cloud makes sense only if your plan's price does not include the app monthly fee.

For example, if your plan is "Pro", then its price $29/mo. includes the use of Shop-Script; therefore, purchasing a license for Shop-Script in this case will not change your monthly bill. Should you want to use Helpdesk app, too, then its monthly fee is not included in that pricing plan, so you will choose which is more attractive: either pay additional $7.99/mo. for Helpdesk app or switch to the next plan "Pro + CRM" whose price $39/mo. includes the use of that app so that you do not need to pay anything more.

In this example, it looks more advantageous to choose the next pricing plan, because, in addition to the Helpdesk app fee, it also includes the fee for using Hub app and Contacts PRO plugin, without any additional payments required.

What do I obtain from a license purchase?

Purchasing a license enables you to legally use a paid app and install official updates using Installer. If you have not purchased a license for at least one of your domain names where the paid app is being used, then installation of updates may be seriously compromised.

Do I have to purchase licenses for all websites connected to my Webasyst?

Licenses are required only for the websites on which paid apps are used, i.e. your main domain name which you use to log into your Webasyst backend and other connected websites in whose “Structure” settings you have set up routing rules (settlements) for those paid apps.

Remove test sites and app settlements

If you do not need some of those settlements (e.g., if you created them only for testing), delete them so that you are not requested to purchase unnecessary licenses.

What if I do not purchase a license?

Remember that use of a paid app without a valid license is a violation of the law. Missing valid license does not enable you to install updates via Installer; each request for updates from non-licensed installed copies of paid apps is registered by Webasyst update servers.

I have downloaded free Shop-Script from your website. Is a license required in this case, too?

Some paid apps are available for downloading free of charge for learning purposes or for the development of various add-ons. For example, Shop-Script can be downloaded free of charge If, after you have learned enough about a paid app, you would like to continue using it for commercial purposes (e.g., open an online store), you then need to purchase a license.

Free versions of paid apps are provided only for testing and add-on development.

Demo licenses for developers

If you want to create a demo website to illustrate the functionality of your custom plugins or design themes developed for a paid app, it is not necessary to purchase a license. In this case you can obtain a free demo license by sending a request to Webasyst support team to support@webasyst.com.

I have purchased a license but still cannot install an update. What is wrong?

In this case you need to link your license to the installed copy of Webasyst scripts. To do so, open the app's page in Installer and click on “Link/get license” button. After that updates for the purchased app should become available for installation.

Domain name change

The same action is required after you have moved your website to a different domain name in order to link your license to the new domain. After this change, you are not permitted to use your license on the old domain name.


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