"Mailer" vs. "Mail" for use with previously purchased "Contacts"

I know you recently went through a re-vamping of your scripts, so I'd like to be sure.

In 2011 I purchased a localhost license for the "Contacts" script for a client web site. There is no version number on my order, but it was before the re-vamp. The clients are now looking for a newsletter/group mail script to work with this.

Your site shows an app called "Mailer" which has a price of $99. Will this integrate with the version of "Contacts" that I have installed?

Also, when I log into my account, I can choose "Add more apps". When I do this, the list shows a program called "Mail" with a price of $129.
Is this the same program as "Mailer"?
If so, why the price difference?
If not, how is this different?

I just need to make sure that whatever I get will be compatible with the current "Contacts" program they have installed.


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    Mike Webasyst May 7, 2014 02:19 #
    The Mail app is no longer available for purchase. It may still appear in your Installer section, though. Unfortunately, we have not updated the Installer to remove those old app names and their prices to prevent this kind of confusion. So now you can order only Mailer. But the bad news is that you cannot use Mailer together with the Contacts which you purchased before the re-vamping of our software platform. They have no integration points so far (and probably never will).

    What I can suggest is to wait a little until we release an extended version of Contacts based on the new platform, and those brand new Contacts will be integrated with Mailer so that you can use them together if you decide to migrate from the old (non-revamped) Contacts to this upcoming new version.

    * If you install the new Webasyst framework now (it is available for free at http://www.webasyst.com/developers/), then you can see that it already has a basic version of the Contacts app, which can be used for managing contacts with a rather limited functionality. The upcoming extension for this app will offer more useful features which you may be using in the old version. I hope I have made things clear :)

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