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I have bought this software

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Created on
12/28/2012 17:05
# Product Price Quantity Amount
1. Shop-Script 179.00 1 pc $179
Total due: $179

is this the wrong software I bought ?
I just want to make a online store ,
my website still use shop-script free version
my website
I just want to use license version
can you advise me

thanks & Regards


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    vofka Webasyst September 14, 2013 01:43 # Solution
    There are two commercial versions now available:

    1. WebAsyst Shop-Script: – previous generation
    2. Shop-Script 5: – newest generation

    You purchased the first one (WebAsyst Shop-Script), and you are absolutely licensed to use the software.

    Shop-Script 5 is a new completely new product with newer user interface and backend engine. If you want to run on the newer generation, you need to purchase it separately. We offer upgrade to the newer platform at $249. See for details.

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