Methods to obtain contacts

There are many ways to obtain contacts. In Webasyst, tightly integrated apps offer methods to obtain contacts not found in many legacy systems. Automation makes it easy to create a large up-to-date contact database with little effort.

The traditional method to obtain contacts is to manually add them by entering information into a contact profile form. Your Webasyst CRM makes it easy to manually add new contacts on the fly, either one at a time or multiple contacts at once. This is a good option for many situations, however, it is tedious and limited to personal contacts.

You may have contacts spread across the web on social media, in email accounts, with various business services. Data Wizard will help you import these contacts from a CSV or TXT file. By importing your contacts, you will be able to quickly create a unified contact database. This will make your contacts easier to manage and will ensure that you have complete ownership of your data.

Webasyst CRM builds your contact database automatically during your day-to-day business activities. Contact records are automatically created when someone sends you an email, creates an account on your website, leaves some feedback, writes a support request, posts a comment, and subscribes to your newsletter. Moreover, customers may update their own contact information in your customer portal. This helps ensure that your contact database is always up-to-date.

If you have enabled personal accounts, a contact record will automatically be created when a person signs up for an account. People that have personal accounts will be able to update their own contact information. You can select which fields are available for them to update.

Obtaining contacts is important for your business. When properly used, this information can help your business become more profitable. Engaging the contacts you obtain will help you build an audience of loyal customers.

Which method was used?

Each contact record displays the method that was used to create it.

The methods to obtain contacts in Webasyst are listed below.

  • Method: add (contacts) - manually add a new person or company
  • Method: import (contacts) - import data from a csv or txt file, or import multiple contacts at a time by entering data in a text box
  • Method: first_request (helpdesk) - contact record automatically created the first time you receive a help desk request from a person
  • Method: subscriber (mailer) - contact record automatically created when a person subscribes to your newsletter
  • Method: signup (site) - contact record automatically created when a person creates a personal account
  • Method: install (webasyst) - contact record automatically created for you during installation


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