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DO you have the old Pages app under the current framework?

Do you have a way to migrate the fold Files version into the new File app?

I bought 4 full licenses for the whole old suite and I would like to migrate to the new framework


Fernando Catacora

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    Mike Webasyst May 8, 2019 21:52 #

    There is no Pages app for the new Webasyst framework available in Webasyst Store. However, there are options to publish web pages using other apps:

    • Site app (free) is great for publishing web pages on your website.
    • Hub app (paid) can be used to published protected web pages only for your team and not available to website visitors.

    We cannot offer you ready-to-use tools for transferring your old pages’ contents to these new apps, I’m afraid. If you have not too many of them, you would have to copy them manually. But, if you have hundreds or thousands of pages, you may develop a custom plugin for Site or Hub app, or have it developed for you by a third-party specialist, to import all pages to these new apps.

    As for the new Files app, there is a free plugin for it to import files from the old Files app. You can import data by following the instructions in our help article.

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    I can transfer your old site setup to new webasyst framework. contact info@srinternet.net

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