Verifying mod_rewrite operation for installing Webasyst

Rewrite rules for Apache web server's mod_rewrite module are used in Webasyst to generate and process Search-engine friendly URLs as well as in other functions of some framework-based apps; e.g., to display arbitrarily sized thumbnails of product images in Shop-Script storefront.

This article describes how you can check whether that module is installed and is properly functioning on your server.

  1. Create temporary subdirectory mod_rewrite_test/ in your domain's root directory, and the following verification files inside it:
    • .htaccess:
      RewriteEngine On
      RewriteRule ^.*$ index.php
    • index.php:
      echo 'mod_rewrite works!';
  2. Then type the following URL in your browser's address bar:

If mod_rewrite is installed and is properly set up, “mod_rewrite works!” text will appear in your browser. Should this not happen, contact your server administrator to have the module correctly configured.


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