How to start working in Webasyst Cloud

Free trial period & payment

The first 30 days of using a Webasyst Cloud account are free. Always! Even if you decide to pay for your account on the next day upon signup, the paid period will still begin on the 31st day. So, the first 30 days are provided free of charge regardless of the first payment date.

It is advisable to pay for an account as early as possible before the 30-day trial period expires, because this gives you the opportunity restore your account from a backup copy, by sending a request to the support team. For non-paid, free accounts backups are not saved.

Pay for one year at once to receive the following advantages:

  • substantial discount
  • free domain name registration
  • free website acceleration via CDN on pricing plans "Pro" and "Premium"
  • free SSL certificate for your domain name on pricing plan "Premium".

Installation of new apps, plugins, design themes, and widgets

You can use any number of apps in your Webasyst account. Their complete list ist available on our website.

At the very beginning you may have only a few apps installed in your account, but you are free to add more apps whenever you need them, via the built-in Installer app.

Use the Installer to install also useful addons for the apps — plugins, as well as new "skins" for your website or online store — design themes.

Connecting your own domain name and setting up an SSL certificate (HTTPS)

You can connect your own domain name to a Cloud account, and you will be able to do the following:

  • create a website on your domain
  • log into the administrative backend of your Cloud account on your own domain:

Read the detailed instructions on how to link a domain name to Webasyst Cloud.

Your Cloud account operates via a secure HTTPS connection by default, using an SSL certificate. After you link your own domain to your account, you can make your domain accessible via a secure connection, too, as described in a separate article.

What you can do in your Cloud app

Pay full monthly fee or purchase apps to reduce the fee

Various apps are available for free or for payment. Most paid apps can be used without purchasing them; simply install an app and begin using it. The payment amount for its use will be automatically calculated and added to your monthly bill.

To save on monthly payments for using a paid app, you can purchase a lifetime license and link it to your Cloud account. This done, you will have to pay only for your account and no more for the app.

To link a license to an account, click on "Buy/Install" on the app-viewing page in your Installer.

Creating an online store

To create an online store, you need Shop-Script ("Store") app. If you do not have it in your account, install it via Installer.

In order to quickly open and run a successful online store, read these useful articles:

Creating a website

Various sections on your website can be powered by different apps, depending on what exactly you want to publish on your site. Use these apps to create a convenient and multi-functional website: Site, Blog, Photos, Hub, Helpdesk.

Below are provided links to articles which may be useful for creating a website in Webasyst Cloud:

Creating a CRM

Install CRM app! Read about its main features and how to start.

Webasyst also offers other tools for storing and effectively managing customer-related information to make your business more efficient: Helpdesk, Mailer, and Hub apps.

Setting up a data storage

Webasyst is a great environment for storing and sharing all sorts of files you need for your work. You will find Files and Photos apps useful for this purpose.

Some tips on how you can store and manage your files in Webasyst:


Your Webasyst account has a dashboard for you to easily track the current activity of all users in your account and other data which are important for your work. Read more about it:


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