Clearing Webasyst cache

Cache is a number of temporary files stored on a web server which are used to avoid execution of complex operations by Webasyst apps and thus make their operation faster and efficient.

Sometimes outdated cache files are not automatically deleted and interfere with the normal functioning of apps in your account. It may happen when you install new apps, plugins, design themes, or widgets, or delete them, or install updates for them in your Installer.

Whenever you encounter strange problems when working with Webasyst apps, try to clear cache in Installer which was not deleted automatically for some reason:

  1. Open Installer app.
  2. Proceed to "Settings" screen.
  3. Click on "Clear cache".

If Installer app is not accessible

In this case, to clear Webasyst cache, delete all contents of wa-cache/ directory, except for file .htaccess.


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